May the Hatzupis will continue to shine?

May 11, 2011 at 9:42 am (Hatzupi's posts)

Remember what the Hatzupis are??

A group of friends from the Polytech’Paris-sud school. A group of trainee engineers with a common goal: having fun, having good times and having their engineer degree!!!

What I can say is that all the main goals have been reached. Only one remains: having our engineer degree. But it will be done by July, 8th 2011 during the final jury. Isn’t it?

The question is: will the Hatzupis remain friends after the university’s period will be ended? For sure it’s a good question. If I look forward on my own experience, a lot of the friends I had in my former schools (IUT Orsay, Lycée Marceau) are now unknown people to me. For some of them, I don’t really care but for some other I’m still a little sad.

Well, as a great philosopher said: “Life is life”.

But I think some of the Hatzupis will continue to see each other and to have fun together. The proof is that some Hatzupis already do a lot of things together, not linked with PPS. I went to Bordeaux with Sacha last weekend to discover the city, and frequently some of us take part of various activities: school parties (Supélec, sup’optique, Polytech’Paris UPMC, etc.), launches or sport tournament and sport practice.

Moreover, most of us will work in Paris or just near Paris next year. Geographical proximity really helps people to stay friend. May some of us will later work together, or even will create an Hatzupi’s firm.

Whatever will append in the future, we have had great times all together and we have had an amazing three years formation in PPS.

I wish a great and happy life to all my Hatzupi’s friends.


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My father a modern Knight!

April 28, 2011 at 9:29 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

In this post I won’t speak about party or disguise as usual, but I will write about another subject I’m pretty proud of: the decoration of my father as a “Chevalier de la légion d’honneur”!

This decoration is the highest honorific French one and has been created by Napoléon Bonaparte in 1802 to reward the civil and military merits made by people to the nation.

There are different grades in the legion of honor and “Knight” is the first grade. But it’s already a wonderful reward for my father which was born in a farm far away from the politic world.

He has been decorated in Nancy, where he’s currently working, by the minister of solidarity and social cohesion Mrs Roselyne Bachelot, on February 11th, 2011. Unfortunately I wasn’t in Nancy this day, as I was in school in Orsay…

Here’s a picture of the ceremony :

He has received this medal to thank him for the great efforts he has done and always do in his work. He is currently head of the DDASS in Nancy, which is the governmental organization which deals with the sanity and social problems in each French department. As everyone think, the DDASS doesn’t care of the abandoned children or, the be exact, doesn’t care anymore since several years.

Another reception has been made in his honor in April. It’s the department prefect which has organized this reception in the honor of ma decorated father. This time I was in the place and it was very cool, diplomatic and impressive.

The day after the reception, an article was in the regional newspaper which spoke about the reception.

You can see a picture of my father near the prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle, reading his life story with a lot of humour :

To conclude, I’m very proud of my father and of his work. For sure, it’s not me that you will see in these picture in the future!!

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Tournoi Inter Polytech (in English: Inter Polytech Tournament ^^)

February 16, 2011 at 1:31 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

Today it’s February, 15th, and the only thing you’re waiting for is my new English article for Polytech’Paris-sud English class.

As everyone knows, our school (IFIPS) is now parts of a schools network called Polytech. This means a lot of things: glory, success, a lots of money, etc.

But we absolutely don’t care about this today. Because today we’re talking about the TIP, best known as “Tournoi Inter Polytech“.

Every year, one of the 12 schools of the Polytech network organizes the event, where more than 600 students come and compete in sport challenge.

Last year, in 2010, was the first time the Polytech’Paris-sud’s BDS (Bureau Des Sports) and the PPS’ students took part of the Tournoi Inter Polytech. It was in Annecy, as Polytech Savoie (Annecy-Chambéry) organized the event.

But the PPS’ students wasn’t very interested by the event. There was 50 places in the bus for PPS’ and we were only 27, including 6 apprentices from second year and 3 from first year.

Anyway, it was for sure one of the best weekend of our life, and I’m not joking! All the students from the other schools were very cool and welcoming with us, as we were at the beginning very shy because we don’t know the other schools and the event.

It was crazy, we sang and danced all weekend long, we don’t even sleep because we wanted to continue the party. Polytech’s students state of mind is wonderful.

We also done some sport. Yes, it’s true! The 6 second year apprentices were the bowling team. Sacha, Kevin, Franck D, Franck B, Martin G and me tried as much as we can to win the bowling cup but… We didn’t reach our goal to be the best bowling team of 2010. Anyway, we were the best party dancers all night long! See:

One last pic of our first TIP. This was during the parade all students made on the beginning of the weekend, in the streets of Annecy. You can see Polytech’Paris UPMC in grey and PPS on the right of the picture. So wonderful remember! And it was only the beginning!

This year, the TIP takes place in Marseille, organized by Polytech’Marseille. It takes place during 3 days, from April, 1st to April, 3rd. Of course, Hatzupi’s members will attend the event. I already planned 2 days of vacations to be sure to be enough rested before and after the event.

During the parade, each school can make a chariot which is colored with the color of its school, as each school has a defined color. PPS’ color isn’t already entirely defined, but will be by April.

Last year we didn’t have a chariot as we didn’t know that schools made a chariot specially for the event.

That’s why, this year, Hatzupi’s team is proud to present you the official PPS’ 2011 chariot!

Hum… No, unfortunately, we haven’t already finished it and, to be honest, it’s a surprise and we will hide it until the TIP!

All I can tell is that each Hatzupi try to do a little bit to make the chariot, but the main financial sponsors and workforces are me and Sacha, helped by a former IFIPS student called Sylvain.

Well, I’m in a day of kindness today… Here are some pictures which can help you imagine what the PPS’ 2011 chariot will look like.

It will be the best Polytech chariot of the TIP this year! A mixture of fun, perfection, music and hand made exploit.

See you on April, 1st in Marseille!

Stéphane, on behalf of 2011 Hatzupi chariot team!

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Make your own 12 o’clock bar!

January 25, 2011 at 9:29 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

Hello dear readers!

As usual, I was looking for an original post to share with you.

That’s why, today, I’m going to explain you how to make your own 12 o’clock bar.

But…??!? What is a 12 o’clock bar?!

It’s not a high iron bar made to give uncivilized people time of the day.

It’s an iron bar, yes, but it’s one that you put on the rear side of your motorcycle to protect it, to put your feet on and to do motorcycle stunts.

Look at those pictures :

I wanted to buy an already made bar for my own bike, but I finally decide to make it on my own with a good friend of mine which live in Chartres.

During the fabrication of the bar, I’ve thought that if would be a good idea to take pictures of the different stages of the realization to show my blog followers how to make their own 12 o’clock bar.

But, be advised, it is forbidden to drive on opened roads which such a bar, and the realization I’m going to show you is only valid for a Honda CBR 600 F4i of the year 2001 :

  1. First of all, we need to know how to make the 12 o’clock bar. To concept it, you have to take off the rear body of the bike. The rear part of my bike looks like this one :

    The tubes are empty, so I’ve decided to put other iron bars inside them to make the foundations of my 12 o’clock bar and then solder the two sides of the foundations with a perpendicular plate bar.
  2. Now The bar is imagined, we have to make it. First, cut them with the appropriate length:

    Here are the three parts of my 12 o’clock bar: the two tubes which will be put in the rear part of my bike and the perpendicular plate part:

  3. After that, we have pushed the two squared bars into the rear part of the bike and we have put 2 screws on each bar to fix them

  4. I haven’t done this part of the work because I’ve never learn how to solder iron parts together. So my friend’s father soldered the final plate part of the 12 o’clock bar with the two others. First he positioned the plate bar with a few little soldering, then he consolidated all the bar with solid soldering.

Then I have painted the bar with black, in order to avoid rust, and I’m now really impatient to test it, as soon as possible (as soon as the weather will allow me to do Stunt).

I will then show you some pictures of what we can do which a 12 o’clock bar.

King regards,

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News Hatzupi: the Hatzupi’s store is available!

December 29, 2010 at 4:16 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

You may not know, but the Hatzupi team is quite a big family! Some friends which share the same values, which have a common goal: have fun in their lives, discover the world and… Have a good engineer job!

Each people in the Hatzupi group wants to show to the whole world that he’s, or she’s parts of the family! That’s why, during the year 2010, a Hatzupi’s logo has been designed by me (retouch) and Sacha (main design). With such a logo, everybody can instantly recognize a Hatzupi in the street, and may ask him, by example, an autograph.

Lets take a look at this wonderfull logo. It’s composed of a capital H with a beautiful and design font, surrounded by a pentagonal shape and centered by 4 sharp fangs :

A colored version :

Rather than make Hatzupi’s logo graffiti in all Paris and Orsay’s streets, we have created t-shirts and pulls with this logo. The first Hatzupi’s clothes have been made in April, 2010, for the TIP (Tournoi Inter Poltech) which is a sport tournament between all the French Polytech’ schools (12 schools, 600 students in this tournament).

See the pull on this picture:

Now the Hatzupi family is bigger. Every Hatzupi needs his clothes, and wants to create his own clothes.

That’s why we have created a Hatzupi’s store, that you can visit here : Hatzupi’s Store

On this store, any Hatzupi which has an account can log in and start to create his own clothes or goodies. There is a large choice of products that people can customize with the Hatzupi logo. See examples below:

Hatzupi Santa hat

Hatzupi Mens underwear

Hatzupi Wemens t-shirt

Hatzupi Old school bag (where you can put your English lessons)

And there are many and many other products you can personalize and then buy. More than 20 products has already been bought since the creation of this store 3 weeks ago. There is no doubt that the IUT of Cachan and the Polytech’Paris sud school will see a lot of Hatzupi clothes in the next few months (years?).

Everybody, even non-Hatzupi people, can buy (but not create) articles on this store, so may be some teachers will also buy a Hatzupi t-shirt!

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My Desert Island Discs

December 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

As George Clooney, I wanted to play the Desert Island Discs game!

Which songs would I keep with me if I could keep only 8 of them. Which book could help me survive on a desert island? Otherwise, which book would help me remember my former life in Paris? Finally, I will have to keep with me a luxury object, which, remember, cannot be animate or helpful to escape the island.

Desert Island Paradise

What a big dilemma! What an interesting interrogation!

Well, I think the 8 songs I would keep with me on this Island will be :

  • Detektivbyrån – “E18”: This song helps me fell asleep. It’s very slow, very comfortable. Listening this song makes you feel like you were in a bed, even if you’re actually sleeping between two rocks on a Desert Island. So it will be my song to sleep.

  • Danakil – “Mon île”: This reggae song, sung by French band “Danakil”, is a song that I like a lot and, as the singer speaks about an island he would live on, it will be perfect in my new life on a Desert Island.

  • Justice Vs Simian – “We are your friends”: This song will help me move my body on the dance-floors I will make on my Desert Island. I will organize wonderful parties where I will be the only guest but… With such a song it will be great!

  • Matthew McAnuff – “Be careful”: Another reggae song that will help me evacuate my stress in front of the impressive mountains erected on my Desert Island.

  • Manau – “La tribu de Dana”: This song definitely remembers the Hatzupi team of Polytech’Paris-sud. We loved to listen to this song together, where we made parties! It also remembers me my youth, as this song was the first single my parents bought me at the end of the 90’s.

  • Dub Incorporation – “Laisse le temps”: This song is part of the last album released by Dub Incorporation, a Dub & Reggae band from Saint Etienne (France). I really fell in love with this song the first time I heard it! It’s one of my favorite songs, I take it with me on my Island without hesitation!

  • La Ruda Salska – “L’evolutionnaire”: La Ruda Salska Is a French band which produces happy music, which makes me jump, dance. I find this song very cool and, it could also help me fell asleep (dont pay attention to the pictures in the video).

  • Suprême NTM – “That’s my people”: This last song I would like to keep on my desert island remembers me my youth when I began to listen to french rap music in Strasbourg. I enjoy listen to old French & American rap music, from the end of the 80’s and the 90’s.

With these 8 songs, I will be able to survive a little bit longer, as music helps people feeling better in sad and hard times. The question is… Will I find a mp3 reader on this desert island?

My chosen book:

My chosen Book

I’ve chosen this book which is a written version of the TV show “Man versus Wild” because I really enjoy this amazing show where a man shows to the world how to survive in the wild areas. I’ve discovered this TV show on the Internet before going to Iceland last summer. We could learn how to survive in hard conditions in Iceland, it was very interesting! So, it’s this book I want to have with me on my desert island.


My chosen luxury object:

If I had to choose one, and only one object to keep with me on a desert island, for sure it will be an ultra resistant digital photo frame. My digital photo frame would of course be waterproof, but also shockproof, and I would be able to use it a long time because it would be reloadable with the sun light. This wonderful object would help me remembers my friends and my family, the good times I’ve lived on the real continent and my former life. It would be very helpful to overcome the loneliness and the hard times on the island!


My Super Digital Photo Frame


It was my participation of the Desert Island Discs game. I hope you’ve enjoyed my songs, book and object and I’m waiting for the versions of my PPS friends and teachers.

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What I am going to do in the five next years?

November 2, 2010 at 2:35 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

An interesting exercise is to try & think what can I will be able to do in the five next years. Each people has dreams, each people knows that there is a list of things (more or less numerous) that he wants achieve in his life.

Let’s think about five things I want to do within the five next years.

  1. First I want to leave Paris after obtaining my engineering master degree. I like this city but, it’s not a city where I want to live all my life, so I want to discover other cities or others countries after this year. I think about leaving one year in an european country to do one extra study year in an other domain than Information Technology.
  2. Harvard University

  3. I want to create a Website for my Stunt team : FDGO Crew Riders. If you don’t know what is Stunt, you can read the associated article (with pictures and video).
  4. I want to perform a Bungee Jumping & a Parachute Jump as I really like extrem feelings.
  5. Parachute Jump

  6. I want to find a job which is not boring and where you don’t have to stay all day long behind a PC display screen (or two).
  7. I want to do a lot of sport, to be as muscular as sylvester stallone before the year 2015.  (no, it’s a joke!)

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[Movie] Last Bad-teaM short clip : motorbike stunts

November 2, 2010 at 2:04 pm (Hatzupi's posts)

As it’s one a my favorite hobby, I really want to post a short clip of what me and my friends sometimes do with our motorcycles.

Don’t panic, it’s not a bad and dangerous acitivy. The motorbike you see in this video are specially & strongly prepared to be used for Stunt.

The “Stunt” consists in doing acrobatics with motorbike, in a secured way. The rider has special equipment like a dorsal, a good helmet, solid gloves and anything else which can be useful to prectect him.

The motorbike has special protection too. As you can see on the picture below, the stunter manufactures solid “crash cages” and “12’o clock bar” which are able to protect the engine and the back of the motorbike. The stunter also add a second rear brake that he can activate with his left hand (the first one is for the right foot on a motorbike).

I Practise the Stunt since I’ve 15 years old with a motorbike : first a 50cc, then a 500cc and I currently doing Stunt with a Honda Cbr 600cc that I’ve prepared myself. Here are some pictures of these bikes :

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My first english article!

October 5, 2010 at 8:32 am (Hatzupi's posts)

The Hatzupis

Hello everyone!

This blog will later show you information and news about a group of students of the Polytech-Paris-sud high school.

But, first I would write a bit about myself, Stéphane, administrator of this blog.

I’m a 22 years old student who’s currently preparing a engineer degree in the Polytech’Paris-sud school, based in Orsay. I’m a part time student, part time worker, it’s why two weeks a month I work at the Société Générale, La Défense, Paris.

I’m responsible for the managment of IT projects, such as Intranet applications used by tens of french and foreign users. One of my most important projets was introduiced to Liz last year, as she’s my academic responsible.

I love spend time with my friends, including my Polytech friends, and I like go & discover foreign countries when I’ve holidays. In the last few years, I’ve travelled in Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Spain or Holland. It was very interesting and I think I will discover more countries as soon as possible.

Stéphane B.

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